Beginner's Guide


Moving Around

You can walk somewhere by simply tapping your destination on the screen—or drag your finger across the screen, and your character will follow along. If you want to go to a different area, open the map, choose a destination, and select Let's go!

Making Furniture

Tap the Craft icon to make furniture. When it's finished, it will be marked Complete! You'll need to acquire certain craft materials to craft a piece of furniture. If you don't have enough craft materials, you can use Leaf Tickets to acquire them and then make an order. And if you can't wait any longer to see the finished product, you can also use Leaf Tickets to immediately complete the crafting process.

Fishing Tips

If you see a shadow of a fish in the river or the ocean, tap on it to cast your line. Once the fish bites, an exclamation point (!) will appear over it. Tap quickly to reel that fish in! If you're having a hard time catching a certain type of fish, a throw net can come in handy. But remember—different types of fish live in the ocean and in the river.

Bug-Catching Tips

If you're holding your net at a recreation spot, that means you can catch bugs. To start, tap on a bug. When you're close enough to catch it, an exclamation point (!) will appear. Quickly tap again to trap the bug in your net. If you're having a hard time catching a certain type of bug, you can use honey to catch many types of bugs at once.

Decorating Your Space

You can use the Arrange button on the right to place furniture at your campsite or inside your camper van. Tap on a piece of furniture to rotate it, or drag it across the screen to move it to a different spot. If you no longer wish to display an item, tap the Put Away button and then tap on the furniture you wish to store.

Shovelstrike Quarry

Try your hand at mining for minerals...and then exchange those minerals with Lloid for Bells and craft materials! The rewards for mining the quarry change throughout the day, so check back often. You can enter by getting help from your friends or by using Leaf Tickets.

Receiving Items

Items you receive as gifts are sent to your mailbox. When something's in your mailbox, the mailbox icon will start flashing. Remember to check it frequently!

Making Friends

Other players will appear at recreation spots from time to time. Don't hesitate to reach out and become friends! You can become friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with your real-life friends by sharing your ID with them.

Interacting with Friends

Visit a friend's campsite and give them kudos, and you'll earn friend powder, a valuable type of craft material. You can also shop at a friend's Market Box for natural items and help him or her enter Shovelstrike Quarry. We have even more fun plans for your friends in the future, so get to know your fellow players now!

Revisit the Tutorial

All About Items

Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are a form of in-game currency that can be purchased with real money or obtained through regular gameplay. They can be exchanged for things like throw nets, honey, Calling Cards, and other in-game items. They can also be used to complete crafting jobs immediately.

Throw Nets

Throw nets are a great way to catch a lot of fish at once. You can exchange Leaf Tickets for them at the piers next to the river or ocean. You'll catch different fish using different throw nets, so choose wisely!


Using honey is an easy way to catch lots of bugs at once. You can exchange Leaf Tickets for honey at the hollow stump marked with a honey icon. You'll catch different bugs with different types of honey, so choose wisely!


Fertilizer can regrow fruit on trees immediately! If you tap on a tree whose fruit has been recently harvested, you'll be able to exchange Leaf Tickets for fertilizer.

Calling Cards

You can use a Calling Card to summon an animal to a recreation spot. To use one, tap on an animal in your contacts and then tap Call. If you don't have any Calling Cards, you can call an animal directly in exchange for Leaf Tickets. But remember, you can only call an animal who is not already visiting your campsite or a recreation spot.

Request Tickets

When you want to level up your friendship with an animal quickly, you can use Request Tickets to unlock additional requests. If you don't have any Request Tickets, you can always exchange Leaf Tickets for additional requests.

Craft Materials

There are materials used to craft furniture and amenities. You can earn them by fulfilling requests for animals, leveling up, and completing Timed Goals or Stretch Goals.


Amenities are the biggest attractions at your campsite! As you level up, you'll unlock all kinds of fun amenities that you can craft for your animal friends to interact with. Once you craft an amenity, you'll also be able to host an unveiling party—your Friendship Level will go up with all animals in attendance!

Useful Features


Tap the Contacts icon at the bottom of your screen to see all of your animal friends. While you're there, you can see what each animal wants you to craft before you can host him or her at your campsite.

Stretch Goals

Always an overachiever, Isabelle has laid out a set of challenges called Stretch Goals that you can chip away at over longer periods of time. Whenever you complete a Stretch Goal, the Isabelle icon on the upper right side of your screen will flash. Tap the icon, and then tap the Stretch Goals tab to collect your reward!

Market Box

Market Box is a place for you and your friends to exchange fish, fruit, bugs, and other natural items for Bells. If you're having a hard time completing a request for an animal, check out a friend's Market Box... He or she may have just the item you've been looking for!