Pocket Camp Club

Pocket Camp Club is...
an optional paid monthly subscription service that will help you enjoy your campsite even more!

You can join Pocket Camp Club by selecting Free Trial on the in-app Menu.

Three Available Plans

There are three Pocket Camp Club plans:
The Merry Memories Plan, the Happy Helper Plan, and the Furniture & Fashion Plan.
You can join one, or join multiple.

(As of 1/27/2022)
Note: Price subject to change. Please be sure to confirm the price in-app before making your purchase.

Merry Memories Plan

With this plan, you can customize an in-game planner with designs of your choice and record memories by adding stickers. It's great for those who want to remember both the big and little things that make up each day!

With this plan, you'll be able to use Leaf Tickets to get cover and interior designs for a planner that is viewable within the app. You'll also get to choose one design as a bonus when you first join the plan.

The stickers to place on your planner can be purchased at the sticker shop. With these stickers, you will be able to plan your events for the coming weeks and record memorable moments to create a special planner just for you.

Apply stickers to communicate with your animal pals. While chatting, you'll be able to record even more memories!

By linking your data from Google Fit on Android or the Health app on iOS, you can have your daily step count recorded in your planner.

Additionally, subscribers to this plan will get seasonal event rewards as a perk. It's great for anyone who wants to collect lots of items!

The Merry Memories Plan costs $0.99 per month.

While subscribed to this plan, you'll also receive 20 Leaf Tickets each month!

· Seasonal event rewards can only be obtained during the validity period for the Merry Memories Plan.
· To see prices for your specific country or region, please check in the game.
· Animals will appear in the planner at random. For members of the Happy Helper Plan, animals set as Camp Caretaker are guaranteed to appear.

Happy Helper Plan

This plan is great for anyone who wants a cute buddy to help them out!

You can choose any animal you've met at your campsite to be your camp caretaker.

As a camp manager, we know you like to stay busy...
While you're away from your campsite, your camp caretaker will help out by fulfilling animal requests!

Whoever you choose as camp caretaker will collect event items for scavenger hunts, fishing tourneys, garden events, and more.

Make lots of memories walking around with your favorite animal!

The Happy Helper Plan costs $2.99 per month.

You'll get 60 Leaf Tickets per month.
You can try this plan for free for the first month (30 days for Android devices).

Check out the video to learn more about this plan.

· Isabelle, K.K. Slider, and other special animals cannot be appointed as camp caretaker in the Happy Helper Plan.
· To see prices for your specific country or region, please check in the game.

Furniture & Fashion Plan

Get a bargain on fortune cookies, and save your favorite layouts to use later!
This plan is great for players who want to collect lots of clothing and furniture items.

With this plan, you can choose and eat five fortune cookies each month out of all the cookies on sale thus far (there are some exclusions).

Additionally, you'll be able to save up to 20 campsite or cabin layouts, furniture included, and apply them at any time.

And what's more, you'll even be able to register an additional 20 of your favorite outfits.

You can receive these benefits by subscribing to the Furniture & Fashion Plan for $7.99 per month.

· Some fortune cookies will not be included in the selection available for the Furniture & Fashion Plan.
· You will still earn stamps by eating fortune cookies as part of Furniture & Fashion Plan benefits.
· To see prices for your specific country or region, please check in the game.
Benefits Shared Between Plans

By joining a Pocket Camp Club plan, crafting times for furniture, amenities, and so on will be shortened.

You'll also receive access to the exclusive Pocket Camp Club Journal.
Each issue will include articles about your favorite animal friends and a first look at new items.