Event 10/28/20 at 11:00 p.m. PDT

Celebrating Three Years at the Campsite!

Thanks to amazing players like you, we've had three great years of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

To express our gratitude... We're throwing a Third Anniversary Celebration!


From <%= t_tz("2020/10/29 06:00") %> to <%= t_tz("2020/11/26 05:59") %>

You'll get anniversary-themed items as daily Log-In Bonuses!

There's a special pack available until <%= l_in_date_only("2020/12/1 05:59") %>! Check it out!

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up!

A garden event is starting tomorrow, with boosted appearance rates!

Lots of items that have appeared in the game up until now will be released for reissue crafting, starting <%= l_in_date_only("2020/11/5 06:00") %>!

Also, you'll be able to get reissue material at Shovelstrike Quarry!

■ Event Period
From <%= t_tz("2020/11/5 06:00") %> to <%= t_tz("2020/11/20 05:59") %>

We also plan to reissue other cookies, special furniture items, and collections. Keep your eyes peeled!

We have updated the app along with the start of the event. Please update the app to enjoy the festivities.