Unable to Update the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Game
※ For Android Users

Users with the Google Play Store application, version 8 or earlier, can update their software by completing the following steps:

① Open the Google Play Store, and from the Menu, tap >My apps & games.

Check the Installed list to see if the Update button is displayed next to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game.

② You can update the game by tapping that button.

If the Update button is not displayed, or if you still cannot update the game, please check Google Play Help.


Added 11/28/2018

With the 11/28/2018 update of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, we have made changes to the list of supported Android devices.
With this update, smart devices with a version older than Android 4.4, or have 1.0GB of RAM or less, will be unable to download and update Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In addition, after the update, previous versions of the application will become unusable.
For more information, see here: *IMPORTANT* for users with Android devices.